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love it

very good game!

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weird game but i liked it =)

wow that freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

that game was so good that i pissed on my computer (hAHahAhhAHAhHAhHHAahAhahahahH aahahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!11) make sense YO! that game was great and i think this ame should be maken for consoles like ps3 and xbox 360 cause this is really coolio. just think about it, "Newgrounds Rumble" for ps3... that would be cool and the game would sell like fresh horse shit... no wait that dont sell good but you get the point. this game (a upgraded version) would sell gooooooood. maybe you should talk to tom fulp about it... anyway keep up the good work :D

this game is great!

the game was great but the first one was better (thats what i think so who cares anyway?) i shall waste many hours on this game like i did on the first one. that reminds me about the first game so now i have to play it. you are a great game maker and i dont know how you manage to do it but its great.. YOU ARE GREAT! :D hope you will make a third one.


that was some great stuff! and i gave you a 5. i will probably never play this fancy game ever again but still it was great made. keep up the good work :D

wow nice!

this game rox! it was great! very good, very good indeed. it was a bit hard but i guess its easier when you get better at it. keep up the good work!

i loooove gta ;)

that game was great. could need some more work but this is the first gta flash thing that i like. all the other gta flash stuff i seen sucks donkey balls. i'm looking forward for the next one. and btw the trailer for the newest gta game is out. i have seen it and that game looks awesome!!! i only wish i had a ps3 or xbox 360 :( anyway keep up the good work and keep on playin gta! XD

supreme!!!!!!!!! XD

i freaking LOVE it<3 it was really good made! it should be much more like this in newgrounds and i mean JUST LIKE THIS! it was perfect. everything was great with it :) i really do hope you will make more of this.. and put the music out for download or something couse it was great!


that game was awesome. i love it. there's nothing to complain about so everyone with anything bad to say should shut up. this game is very well done with the 3d and everything. the talking on the game was the funny part couse it sounded a little weird :) so it was a little funny on top of it all. dont know if it was supossed to but i still think so :D keep up the good work and make more games like this :)


that was much entertaining! :D like it mucho! yay happy christmas and an awesome new year!

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